We receive requests on great ways to keep in touch with the industry, or with others! Some great initiatives that are already running:



What's Save Point? It is a discord channel that hosts a monthly event for all folks of under-represented genders who are working in the games industry! There are lots of awesome spaces for cis-males who work in games, but almost none for folks of under-represented genders to hang-out together, which makes this event quite special. 


Join here: https://discord.gg/XKa73CJ


She Plays Games

She Plays Games is a discord community around the She Plays Games podcast - which also spotlights amazing women in gaming. 



Join here: https://discord.gg/XKa73CJ


Some analyses contributed by our amazing speakers:

Market Insights for 2020
Spotlight Series Isabel Ferreira.pdf.pdf
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Negotiation Tips and Tricks
Thanks to some really amazing contributors!
Negotiation Tips and Tricks.pdf
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At Game Changers, we take polls every episode on topics related to the panel discussion. Some of the insights are startling!


Did you know...



While our panelists cite negotiating job offers as a positive ('I respect a candidate who negotiates their offer more'), the vast majority of our audience did not try to negotiate. None of our audience asked for any significant changes to their offer! 


The top reason for making a big career move is not the lack of opportunities, but rather: uncertainty, the need to build up a new support base, and family commitments. Indeed, one of our panelists cited the key difference between her career trajectory and those of other talented women game designers she knew was that her family was willing to 'do what it took' to support her career - including moving across countries multiple times with young children.


Investment Resources:



The tentaclezone incubator runs a free 4 month virtual programme for early stage developers from underrepresented groups. This programme is completely free.
The programme offers up to 8 spots to founders from one or more of the following groups: PoC, lower socioeconomic backgrounds, underrepresented genders, disabilities, neurodiversities and LGBTQ+.

Applications are open until 8 April 2022. Visit their website to find out more: https://tentacle.zone/incubator/

Curran Games Agency

Cassia Curran offers 45 minutes of free consulting advice on business strategy and fundraising for indie women / PoC studio founders.
She otherwise helps indie game studios look for publishers and investment.

Reach out at: cassia@curran.games or visit her website at curran.games!

The Game Angels

The Game Angels syndicate is based in London, with global angel investors.
If you have a basic prototype, or sometimes a compelling concept, this could be a good avenue to explore.
Reach out to some of the syndicate members with your pitch deck / prototype to bring to the group:

Yao Tang: yaotang928@gmail.com
Cat Chew: cmc342@gmail.com

Even if you are not ready to start a company, feel free to reach out to these female angel investors for feedback and advice.

WINGS Interactive

WINGS invests in indie games with women / PoC developers in key positions. They fund game projects up to 500k USD.

Visit their website to find out more: wingsfund.me


The Fairchild Initiative

Started by Kowloon Nights, the Fairchild Initiative is a 2m USD fund dedicated to projects led by Black creators and studios.
If you are working on a PC / console title with a development studio majority-owned by Black creators, this may be a good opportunity for you.

Visit their website to find out more: https://www.kowloonnights.com/fairchild


Or reach out to apply: fairchild@kowloonnights.com